Cedar Plugs

What started out as a simple task has turned into a major endeavor.
My goal was to produce a couple of hardwood, custom cedar plugs
to use on my fishing trips.
The result was very successful and I posted a couple of photos on the web...
Here are the first couple of rough efforts.

(even these protoypes caught fish...)

I now have produced over 265 of them to date.
Each week the emails and PayPals keep coming in.
The process has improved and the quality is much better with the added practice.

I start with a 4 ounce egg sinker and use a lathe to turn a tenon
on one end.

I use 3/4" square x 5" pieces of exotic hardwood, drill to fit the leadhead above
and then drill through the length to accommodate the line and hook.
Here are the exotic wood blanks which also have a tenon on one end.

I value advice I get from people on the web.
My cedar plug post led to the suggestion of these brass parts used in welding hoses.
My first solution was to use brass tubing from pen making and it was awful.
These parts are used as end caps to protect the wood from the hooks after rigging the plugs.

After assembling these parts with epoxy glue I get this rough cedar plug.

After turing on my lathe it becomes a cedar plug that just needs finish and rigging.

The finished plugs look like this.

Each batch of plugs looks a bit different due to different
pieces of wood used in the production.

Time and UV light also alter the wood's appearance, it ages like wine!

Some orders are large and others concentrate on one wood like purpleheart or bocote.

They come rigged if needed.

Several folks have ordered daisy chains with 3 - 4" plugs in line with a 6" plug
This order of two daisy chains and six 6" plugs was later "rigged" ready for use.

The pleasantly odd thing is that some of the people buying my plugs
to mount them as "art" for their fishing collections.
Here are some collectors plugs made from more unusal exotic woods

They are not your grandfather's cedar plugs!


They catch fish!

On a recent 2 day fishing trip we hooked and released 70 fish on my cedar plugs
- we kept a few like this nice 20#+ yellowtail

Email me if you have any questions