Resume of Educational Background and Experience
Mark L. Mayo


College and University
El Camino College (1969-1971)
USC (1971-1973) Bachelor of Science-Biology (minor = chemistry)
USC (1973-1974) Life Teaching Credential
CSUDH (1982-1987) Master's Degree-Biology

Teaching Experience:
1973-1974 Huntington Park High School (biology, physiology)-student teaching
1974-1979 South Gate Junior High School (science, health, photography)
1979-1990 South Gate High School (A.P. biology, general science, biology,
physiology, computer programming, study)
1990-1993 Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet H.S. (Anatomy & Physiology,
Biomedical Research)
1976-1999 Conducted 44 inservice classes for LA area teachers in science,
photography, computers, research
1993-2010 Los Alamitos High School (Anatomy and Physiology, Biology)
2001- Cypress College (Biology 101)

Administrative Responsibilities
California Scholarship Sponsor (6 years)
Science Department Chairperson (1982-1989; 1991-93)
Mentor Teacher (Science) (1984 -93)
Annual Science Symposium/Ellison Onizuka Lectures Coordinator (13 years)
Academic Council Member (3 years)
Project Director: Scope, Sequence and Coordination Grant (1989/90)
Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Memorial Board Member (1981-1992)
School Site Council-Francisco Bravo High School (1990-91)
Bravo/USC Trust Fund Committee (1991-93)
USC/Bravo Partnership Grant Research Committee Chair (1991-1992)
Curriculum Steering Committee (1994-97)
District Technology Committee (1994-99)
LAHS Site Grant Committee Chair (1998/99)
LAHS Technology Committee Chair (1996-2000)
Los Alamitos Unified School District Mentor Teacher-Technology (1997-2000)
LAHS Attendance Committee - 2001-2003, 2006-2008
LAHS Science Department Chair - 2004/05 year

Other Work Experience
1974-2001 Professional photographer
1986 Educational Consultant to Northrop Corporation
1986 Educational Consultant to TelEd (Heath Century Program)
1986-89 Computer Consultant to Morris Studios, South Gate Adult School,
USC-Lab for Devlopmental Biology
1986-2007 Research Associate and computer hardware/software specialist at the
Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology, USC School of Dentistry
1990-1999 California Science Project (CSP) - Science Education Consultant
Teacher Workshops in Computers and Laboratory Science
2001 - present fine wood cabinet maker

Awards and Honors:
1982 Outstanding Teaching Award, LAUSD Area 2
1982 Outstanding Science Teaching Award, CSUDH Sigma Xi
1985 Edison Outstanding Teacher Award, Southern California Edison Company
1985 PTA-Life Achievement Award in Teaching, South Gate PTA
1985 Outstanding Mentor Teacher Award, Alan Robbins
1985 CTIPP Grant - Research Microscope ($10,000)
1986 Math/Science Teacher Fellowship, L.A. Educational Partnership (LAEP)
1987 Outstanding Mentor Teacher Award, Bill Honig
1987 Teacher of the Year, South Gate High School
1987 Teacher of the Year, Finalist LAUSD
1989 GTE GIFT grant recipient in Math/Science ($12,000)
1989 State Dept of Education-Scope, Sequence & Coordination grant recipient to restructure of science curriculum grades 6-12 ($10,000)
1990 American Society for Cell Biology-Cell Biology Teacher Research Fellow ($5,000)
1991 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1992 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1993 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1994 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1995 Bah'ai Community Service Award for Teaching
1995 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1996 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1997 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1998 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
1999 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
2000 NIH-Research Training Grant ($5,000)
2002 WalMart - Teacher of the Year Los Alamitos HS
2002 National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research -Harold Slavkin Oral Health Science Education Award ($1,000)
2007 Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence ($10,000)
2010 Special Recognition Honors - Los Alamitos PTSA

Noteworthy Student Achievements
1991 State Science Fair Student-Charles Kwang 3rd in State
1992 State Science Fair Student-Wendell Pascual 3rd in State
1993 State Science Fair Student-Naomi Akiyama 2nd in State
1995 Orange County Science Fair (10/10 students received medals)
1995 State Science Fair-Khan Pham 2nd in State
1995 State Science Fair-Kevin Bundy 2nd in State
1997 Orange County Science Fair-two students tied for best in Orange County (Krueger/Chang)
1997 State Science Fair-Amish Parashar 2nd in State

Professional Organizations (past and present):
International Association for Dental Research
Sigma Xi Research Society (Associate member)
National Science Teachers Association
Greater Los Angeles Teachers of Science Association (GLATSA)

Papers and Abstracts:
1. Mayo, M.L., Differentiation of type II alveolar Cells-a new use for the Cason Stain (1974) Stain Technology 49:6.
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Papers and Abstracts (continued):
25. Mayo, M.L., Yamane, A., Dalrymple, K. Cunnignham, L. Bringas, Jr., Shuler, C.F. (1998) IGF-I, IGF-II and IGF-I receptor localization during tongue myogenesis. Presenterdat AADR meeting in Minneapolis, MN.
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