General Woodworking

I don't just make tackle boxes and pens

Marine Furniture

This is a dresser made for Mike and Dawn Lackey that
lives on the Vagabond Sportfishing boat.
Mike likes solid genuine mahagony and that is what was used.
Thanks to Bill Douglas' help I made dovetails to join the drawers.
The drawer pulls made from scratch were challening and made me count
my fingers at the end of their creation.


Display Cases

The Vagabond is a special boat skippered by a great guy - Mike Lackey.

Another Mike, Mike Livingston caught a world record 405.2 pound
yellowfin on the Vagabond with Mike Lackey at the helm.
Penn Reels gave both the Mikes engraved,
commemorative reels and I made the display cases for them using
actual recycled rail from the Vagabond Sportfishing boat.

Cutting Boards

Here are some cutting boards made for friends.
All are made from maple, walnut and cherry woods.
The design is by chance, but always fun.
It looks like "woven wood".

Bulletin Boards
made with Wine Corks

Everyone has seen these if you have been wine tasting so
I decided to make them using wine corks partially
enjoyed by Barbie and I. Several have been made, but only one to show.
This 18" x 24" board was made for Jeff and Tammie's Mammoth condo
and features 20 corks from Blackjack their favorite winery.

Classroom Furniture

As any teacher will tell you, the answer you will get
when you ask for a cabinet for your audio system - NO!
So I made one.

Sorry I did not photograph it with the rest of the decorative molding.

Jewelry Trays

My wife Barbie lost her dedicated jewelry chest
when we bought new bedroom furniture and asked
for a solution. This was my answer using a couple
of drawers in a new dresser.

We needed shelves to match some mission-style furniture.
I made these with matching quarter-sawn white oak
including dentil molding for
photos and surround sound speakers.
We were lucky to buy the mission cherry stain
from the furniture company.

While I was making the shelves, I dedided to make
a stand for our Fios box and also to support the TV.
The goal was to make it match the mission style dresser.

Tent Guylines
It is hard to buy replacement guylines to secure
a tent to the ground so I made new ones with hardwood sections.
They work!

Email me if you have any questions