Jack's Bad Monkey
Expect KROQ type rock from us and expect fun too. Think about, but don't buy the band a round of Patron. The songlist is eclectic from the Who to Devo to Lenny Kravitz to Ozzy and back again. I guess there is a 80's vibe that comes through regularly. All of the members sing well. The band consists of: Matt Harmon - guitars and vocals, Nick Ameroso - vocals and various vocal sound effects and olfactory nuances, Tommy Rieser - guitars, kazoo and vocals, Julian Shea - drums and vocals, and of course Mark Mayo - bass and a few vocal parts.
I played with this band for 12 years and they are still going strong with a new bass player.

Check out the "official" band website: Jack's Bad Monkey

New video on the official band's site from the gigs at the Harp in Newport Beach
Jack's Bad Monkey is also on MySpace

HOB on 3/17/07

HOB 3/17/06
The night was great! Great Sound, Great Lighting, Great Energy.
I guess we now want to play there again - it was a lot of fun.

Watch mini-videos of the gig
Turn off the sound - it is terrible
These are large 5+ meg files so you better have broadband for them!
These clips play well with Windows Media Player
Video 1 Video 2

Mahe Unlpugged was a hit - we played there numerous times

Catalina was great.
Nice playing with Spencer Davis, yes that Spencer Davis!

Saints Simon and Jude Festival

The monkey men at a corporate gig in Newport harbor in 2001

The monkeymen at Mayofest in 2013

Listen to the Jack's Bad Monkey:

Fairly good 16 track studio audio
Hashpipe Jenny Funky Music Dig In

Sort of funky music recorded "live" direct into a laptop
If You Could Only See Inside Out Wrong Way Mary Jane's Last Dance

Live recordings from Mayofest 2013 by Mike Murray
The band had not played together in over 3 years so
you might hear some rust from me
Cant' Explain Dim Counting Blue Cars Jenny
Harder to Breathe Kryptonite Stone Free

Stone free ends in a police siren because they shut us down at 5:30pm on a Saturday

Expect cover tunes because that is what we played!

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