Basses I have Loved
I am not a one bass man by any means. Just about
the time I get to know a bass it is time to
buy a new one and start loving a new instrument.

I like strange and new basses

I unfortunately do not have personal photos of me and these
amazing basses shown above, the Dan Armstrong plexiglass bass was
very heavy with great sustain and the Fender 6 string bass
was made popular by the great Jack Bruce of Cream.
To own one of these now would make me rich or cost me a fortune.
My wife cringes when I mention a visit to the music store.

I do have photos of my history with some great basses.
Fender P Bass, Gibson EBO. Lakland, G&L, and Musicman Stingray are shown below.

My goto bass currently is a 1976 Fender P Bass
refretted by TR Guitars to minty shape

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