Jackson Street Blues Band
The blues is a musical form that works well with me;
I hear the changes and anticipate the breaks even with tunes
I have not heard before. You still have to practice though not like modern rock.
The Jackson Street Blues Band was started by Brian
and Wendy, but was really led by Andy the lead guitarist and singer.
Andy made each night easy and fun. He once said that I (a mere bass player)
kept Brian (the drummer) honest - that made me smile.
Playing with a very talented harmonica player (Brett) was special.
They played out a LOT and that was fun with gigs 3-4 times a month.
As with many bands problems arose and Andy, Brett (harmonica) and I left
and joined Jessie a talented drummer and backup singer and played on.

Barbie's group photo

Group photo just before a gig

Listen to the Jackson Street Blues Music:

Andy's Laptop Recorded These Tracks with Jessie on Drums and backup vocals
Caldonia I Can't Take That Mustang Sally

16 Track Studio Recordings with Wendy and Brian
Big Boss Man
Things I Do For You Tryin' To Get Over You Messin' With the Kid

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