Old School
The term old school is used to reference historical habits or music.
I started playing music in 1964 at Notre Dame high school with the band
Looking Glass and other bands. The photos are bad, but we played
at many college Frat/Sorority parties from San Diego to Stanford
and many schools in between. We played zillions of HS dances.
Oh, I played guitar then, but I envied the bass player Jan Yarbrough.
Pete Silverberg (lead guitar) was the only band member to really
stay on as a real musician and still sells recordings!

Thanks to the herculean effort of Gabe Kaprelian (the drummer)
we re-united for a meal in 2012. No plans yet to play, but...

Jan Yarbrough, Gabe Kaprelian, Mark Mayo, Pete Siverberg and John Bouchard

I quit music to devote full efforts to USC and research around 1971.
A high school student of mine in 1980 literally made me start playing again.
Below is a student/teacher talent show photo and a band paying at
a lunch concert at South Gate HS. I play today because of that kid!

The drummer was Jim Woloshun - a force in my life. Jim now plays in the sky.

The school band the following week was called SLAYER - yes, that Slayer!

The amp was an Ampeg 360 - that was OLD SCHOOL

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