Rock is a broad term and has always included
many kinds of music with a fuzzy definition.
All I know is that playing rock has been fun since 1964
and I am still playing it today;
just the hair, the basses and my girth has changed.
There is a serious question as to whether
I can sing, but I do it when needed.

R O C K 1964-2013-?
Looking Glass ('64), SG High School Band ('80), Jack' Bad Monkey (2001 & 2013)

To see basses, bands and hear tracks I recorded
click on one of the links below:

Jack's Bad Monkey
Julian Spenis

Old School

Live recordings from Mayofest 2013
recorded by Mike Murray

The band had not played together in over 3 years so
you might hear some rust from me
Cant' Explain Dim Counting Blue Cars Jenny
Harder to Breathe Kryptonite Stone Free

Stone free ends in a police siren because they shut us down at 5:30pm on a Saturday

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