Pen Making

The wood under or next to each pen is the 5/8" or 3/4" blank used to make the pen.
Turning a pen requires multiple pieces of equipment, techniques
and a variety of skills - this makes it fun.
Pen creation is easy to do, but much harder to do well.
I am in the process of doing the hard stuff to achieve better pens
and better photographs to show them at their best.


Here are PDF files of the woods I have used, their history
and pens made from the wood:

Black Walnut - Bloodwood - Bocote - Canarywood - Cocobolo
Curly Maple - Ebony - Leopardwood - Olivewood - Osage Orange Wood - Padauk
Pheasantwood - Pink Ivory - Purpleheart - Teak - Wenge - Zebrawood

Dayacom Rollerball in Cocobolo Wood

Two Views of an Orion Gold Rollerball in Padauk Wood

A nod to Saint Patrick's Day with pens

Trimline Gold in Leopardwood (Barbie & Salwa)

Designer Gold in Redwood Burl (my "red" pen for grading)

Mesa Gunmetal/Gold in Leopardwood (Bob + Mine)

Mesa Gold/Black in Black Ash Burl (John)

Mesa in Gunmetal/Gold in Gabon Ebony (Dr. Harold Slavkin)

Mesa Gunmetal/Gold in Mesquite Burl (Chef Drew)

Mesa Gunmetal/Gold in Silver/Gray Inlace Acrylester (Chef Jeff)

Mesa Gold/Silver in Hickory Burl (Joe)

Trimline and Designer Gold in Leopardwood (Barbie's and CHP Eddie)

Designer Satin Silver in Gabon Ebony (Friction)

Designer Gunmetal/Gold in Angled Cherry (Steve)

Designer Vagabond Mahogany Rail (Mike + Gordon Lackey)

Designer and Trimline in Gold using Royal Star Teak Rail
(Randy, Tim, Brian, Anne and Tracy)

Comfort Rhodium in Blue Dot (Magee)

Comfort Gold in Pink (Lori)

Trimline Silver in Blue Dot (black tube)

Trimline Silver in Black and White Line Acrylic (?)

Comfort Black Satin in Cocoa Mesh (black tube)

Trimline Silver in Purple and Dark Blue Acrylic

Trimline Gold in Crushed Cherry (black tube)

Comfort Satin Silver in White/Black Dots (Tammie)

Designer Silver in American Black Walnut (Tom Hu)

Trimline Gunmetal in Wenge (Bill Douglas)

Trimline Gold in American Black Walnut (Kevin)

Comfort Rhodium in American Black Walnut (Jessie)

Comfort and Trimline Gold in Bocote (Becca/Kyle)

Trimline Silver in Purple Swirl (Robyn)

Comfort Gold in Blue Aqua Swirl (Linda)

Comfort Black in Yellow Dot (Barbie)


Comfort Black in Bronze Dot (Jenny)

Trimline Chrome in Blue/White Swirl (Julie, Cypress)

Designer Gold in Cocobolo (Bill)

Designer Satin Silver in Purple/Blue Swirl (Alyn)

Email me if you have any questions or wish to order one.