San Quintin 2000

Spiders once again returned to San Quintin, 200 miles below the US border to fish and party this summer. Tom, Mike, Russ, Casey (Russ' son), Chuck, Toad (Chuck's son), Kurt (the guy with the toilet paper trailing behind him), Dennis and I had a great time. The water was rough and the wind was howling at first, but we fished. The result was: 3 Bluefin tuna, 2 Alabacore tuna, 63 Yellowtail, 168 Red Rockfish, 83 Sand Bass, 4 Calico Bass and 1 Ling Cod for 8.5 guys in four days!

Here, you get an idea of the fun involved when you catch tuna. The Old Mill area had not caught any tuna in 2 weeks until these fish were caught. Go Spiders!

We also had fun catching yellowtail which we caught every day except the last day. Below are examples of these hard-fighting fish. The first day was especially rough, yet our boat caught limits (16 fish) trolling CD 14 Rapallas. Tom, Mike and Dennis had their limits the next day while we had a respectable 11 tails.

This shot shows the first fish caught on my new Trinidad reel. Thanks to Miguel, there were many more!

Rockfish are very special to me; I love to catch these red fish from the deep. As you can see we did very well. This day saw 40 sand bass (mostly thanks to Russ) and 80 quality red snapper hit the deck of our boat. We also managed to wind 100 yards of 80 pound spectra around the prop so I got to swim a bit before we could head to shore.

Here, I search for that elusive 7 pounder in a wheelbarrow filled with 3-5 pound fish. There was another full wheelbarrow that day.

Don't think that we just worked all day. After fishing, cleaning up, vacuum packing fish and making dinner, we had time to relax with an adult beverage or two...