Royal Star 2003

Royal Star 8 Day Trip 2003 - The Year 100# Bluefin Tuna

The group photo of the Barking Spiders Fishing Club on the Royal Star this year.
The theme for this night was Spider juice (note 2.5 gallon jug of same).
The boys (minus Rain man) managed to stop refreshments long enough for this photo.

Below is a showing of some of our big fish.
Sorry to anyone that did not have their biggest fish shown.
All 9 Barking Spiders caught a fish over 100#. Most of us caught big fish on every two speed we own
and at least one tough fish on a ProGear or Trinidad one speed.
The one speed fish make you feel it.
Please note that Spider juice never bothered fish catching.

Jeff won third jackpot with a 120 pound bluefin on a Trinidad 40!