Bill and Holly

Bill is shown below with one of many halibut he caught in Baja. The boat he owns with Jeff is in the background. They tow it to Pangon to fish away from people for a couple of weeks and to ease out of the human race for a short while. Each year they bring back tales of amazing fishing from this place. They have caught huge black seabass, white seabass, halibut and trophy calicos! The pictures they show indicate that they are not fish stories. Bill is shown with a nice yellowtail and a very delicious halibut. Thankfully, in one photo he hides his face. Bill and Jeff are shown with a white seabass and yellowtail from one day's short outing to the fishing grounds of Pangon.

Holly, Bill's wife, is an artist and a teacher of art and photography. She has been generous enough to design the last two Spider T-Shirts. We hope she continues to make such great designs.

Bill and Jeff go way back together so I decided to put these photos in Bill's section. They show a very, very large black seabass caught far south of the border by the boys (or whas this Tammy's catch?). Yes, black seabass are quite legal in Mexican waters. They vacation where few gringos hardly ever venture, but that is what Jeff and Bill are all about!