I have been interested in computer software and hardware since the days of the Apple II. The first programs I wrote were saved on a cassette recorder (no disk drives yet). My current specialty is building and repairing IBM PCs that use the Windows operating systems. I have repaired computers for the USC School of Dentistry (CCMB) for 20 years, Los Alamitos High School, businesses, students, faculty and many of my friends. I also teach the use of commonly employed software. I have extensive knowledge of the following software packages: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Pagemill, Corel Draw, Arts and Letters Editor, DBase, Slidewrite, Gradebook plus and Windows XP.

My fees are $50-$75 per hour for computer support and personalized software training. I can be reached at mlmayo2@verizon.net