Tuna fishing is one of the "loves" of my life. Below are a couple of wonderful experiences captured on film.
The first is a 144 pound bluefin tuna caught using a kite on an eight day Royal Star trip in the summer of 1999.
The second photo is of a 67 pound bigeye caught on the troll on the same trip.

Here are photos are from 2003:
118 # bluefin tuna, a 97# yellowfin tuna and an 87 # yellowfin tuna.
I have shown the yellowfin as they were caught at Alijos Rocks;
this location usually gives me BAD luck - but no more.
On this trip I managed 4 fish over 100# out of 25 caught by 25 fishermen.

Previously, on another Vagabond trip with Bob Gilchrist, I caught this 54 pound yellowfin tuna on
25 pound test using a Newell 235! What a great 45 minutes of fun.
The photo at the right shows that even mini calico bass makes the true fisherman smile.

Trips planned for next year are: Royal Star 8 Day, Vagabond 3 Day and Vagabond 2.5 day

The separate pages below are related fishing pages devoted to the Barking Spiders and fishing trips
we have taken as a group or individually.

Thanks to all these people for making my life better each time I see them!

Barking Spiders - Jeff - Steve - Bill - Tom/Mike Stevenson - Russ - Brent - Mike Ryan

San Quintin 2000 - Royal Star 2003- Vagabond 2001