Jeff and Tammy

Jeff and Tammy are Barking Spiders even if Tammy is too cute and too clean. They took a fly down trip on the Royal Star to get the big ones at the islands. Below is a 130 pound beauty of a yellowfin tuna caught by Tammy. Jeff is also shown with his 130+ pound yellowfin. We don't let Jeff know it, but he is the best fisherman of the Spiders. Others of us are sometimes lucky, but he has the skill. If you are on a boat with Jeff, expect him to be catching fish while you are fishing! On one trip to Santa Barbara Island on our own boat Jeff caught the only two fish (one 38 pound yellowtail on a fresh water bass rod and a huge halibut)-that's Jeff!

The two photos below show what the weigh-in at the dock in San Diego is like with a big tuna and how blue and beautiful the sky is when you are out on the boat. The desckhands never seem to show effort when they lift the fish. Tammy's biggest fish was LARGER than Jeff's biggest fish again this year.