Barking Spiders

The Barking Spiders is a fishing club that has lasted for over 10 years. It has a hardcore group including Jeff, Bill, Steve, Ray, Tom, John and Mark (founding members) along with slightly less twisted members like Mike Stevenson, Yogi, Bob and Russ. There are also 30 other people who have for some reason decided that one or two trips with us are enough. The name was given to us by Bill Currie (famous tuna dude and Spider for one trip) and somehow describes the unifying principle behind our allegiance. Most people know we are Spiders by our almost fanatical interest in fishing and our T-Shirts. Over the years we have made enough shirts to make other fishing clubs jealous. They also note that we enjoy each other's company as if we are all from one very close family. The T Shirts are now designed by Bill's wife Holly and we notice how much better it is when someone with talent is involved. Below is the Royal Star 1999 design.

Below is the gang as we prepared for a Spider fishing trip. Again, beauty is not a requirement for Barking Spiders or else none of these men would ever get to join except Steve Peters. Pictured (l-r) are Jeff, Mark, Bill and Steve.

Speaking of great tuna catches from the past, here are 11 Spiders with 55 yellowfin tuna. We caught full Mexican limits in perfect deep purple-colored water 40 miles off shore. Included is a photo of Phil (shown in red and white stripes), our first Spider in the great beyond.


The Barking Spiders were in fine form for this group photo. The Old Mill will miss us...