Tackle Boxes

The TACKLE BOXES are all made from woods such as solid
American red or white oak to exotic African Mahagony. The are assembled
using Tite-Bond III waterproof glue using stainless steel and other
marine hardware to resist the elements present on a long range fishing boat.
Finishes vary from traditional hand - rubbed glossy marine spar varnish to polyurethane.
So far all have been different in stain, finish and
grain patterns. Each box takes approximately 40 hours over about
two months to complete.

Jerome's friend and Russ Ung

Tom Stevenson and Steve Peters

Bill Douglas and Jerome
Bill Douglas may be the person who convinced me
to start building tackle boxes after he commented
that it would be stupid to try to build one.

A bit casual in the photos, but a rare quarter sawn oak box for Merk

The box below on the right sold after a showing at the Fred Hall Show
and is my new standard
series 7. You will see it on the Qualifier 105
or other boats. The one on the right below is
the new smaller, lighter
series 6 (Kurt).

Brent and Mike

My rare guanacaste wood and Randall Yee (note new mahagony rocket launchers)

This is the raw guanacaste wood before it was fashioned into the tackle box above.
Two pieces like this were brought back from Costa Rica with some difficulty.

The newly refined Series 7 for Dennis Albert

Other 3700's have had stainless steel tubes added after purchase, but now they are standard now.
Note newly raised lower rocket launcher height to clear all tackle racks on the side too
and the relocated line puller support lower on the front.

Scott Jarrett's Series 7

Sorry for funny color balance - box looks like color on right - honey blonde that will darken beautifully with sunlight

Rudy Scott's Series 7

Jeff Burroughs' Box
a Highly Customized Blond Hard Maple Series 6
(The word "custom" really applies here with almost everything redesigned)
(notable were stainless steel hasps and three trays)

Floyd Packard's Custom 4 Tray Series 6
Again this box is "custom" in every way with
removable rocket launchers, no top, a large upper tray
and those heavy duty stainless steel handles

It is hard to see the wonderful gloosy finish of these boxes.
Floyd's box was hand rubbed with seven coats of spar varnish
Here are two images in an attempt to show the glossy shine

a note on Custom Boxes
If you want a box substantially different from my standard
series 6 or series 7 expect a minimum additional fee of $100
to cover the re-design and extra labor to engineer it

Jon Boxes (ammo box-sized tackle boxes)

A web inquiry from Jon Scobey led to these petite boxes and
they have been named Jon Boxes in tribute to his invention.

The color in the "portraits" was not very accurate
so this one give a better idea of the real appearance.
The seond photo shows the size next to a real ammo box.

Another Jon, Jon Bell asked for one and his was a modified version of the first.

This tiny tackle boxes are currently for sale at $100 without trays.

A new touch suggested by John Maita
Each box will have a plaque with the owner's name like the one below (Thanks John)

Did not get a plaque for your box? Email me for one

Tackle Boxes created so far:

3700 - Tom, Russ, Jeff, Bill, Steve, Merk, Jerome,
Jerome's friend, Fred Hall show lady, Long Beach sale,
Dennis Albert, Scott Jarrett, John Maita
3600 - Mark, Yogi, Brent, Kurt, Randall,
Jeff Burroughs
Jon Boxes - Jon Scobey & Jon Bell

Custom Long Range Fishing Tackle Boxes
Handcrafted from a solid piece of African mahogany
(other fine hardwoods by request and will probably add to the price)
Stainless steel hardware - screws, bolts, eyes, hinges
Marine grade Perco hasps and latches
Hand - rubbed System III spar varnish finish (4 -6 coats)
Space for 4 - 3700 or 3600 size premium tackle trays (4 included)
Upper and lower storage space for pliers, cameras & odd shaped items
Anti - skid black liner covers top, lower storage areas and inside door
4 - stainless steel rocket launchers for rods/reels on series 7;
3 -stainless steel rocket launchers for rods/reels on series 6
Integrated side handles
2 - hook eyes - used to tie hooks tightly
2 - line pullers & holders - (these protect your hands from line cuts)
Series 7- H 17.5" x W 22" x D 11" Series 6- H 16" x W 12.6" x D 9"
new Series 7 Weighs about 18-20 pounds - Series 6 Weighs around 12 pounds
Series 7 = $850 - Series 6 = $800

Click here to download a PDF file of tackle box flyer

Here is how the boxes look as I make them.
They start as one 13 foot x 13-16 inch piece of solid exotic hardwood
(I had it cut to fit into my SUV) and a bag of hardware.

I cut the wood, glue up the larger pieces and stack them to rest.
Then it is time to fashion the custom pieces, glue, assemble,
sand, add hardware and finish. The box shown in this assembly
is the dark cherry - colored one owned by Jerome.

I guess they are tough;
one fell off the tackle shelf on the Vagabond
in very rough seas and hit the deck from over 3 feet fully loaded.
The damage was hard to find and the owner
tied it down from then on. Good advice!

Email me if you have any questions
or wish to order one.