Tom and Mike Stevenson

The photo below shows a famous fishing trip with the greatest fisherman of them all, George Stevenson. Mike and Tom are George's short sons and he taught them to love fishing and to be good to their friends and they are.We caught almost all lingcod as you can see. Will chartered the boat out of San Simeon along with Mark, Mike, Tom, George, Ron, George and one guy I like but I cannot remember his name. George was like a father to all of us and we all miss him greatly.

George said that days spent fishing were not subtracted from your lifespan!

Please never think that the Stevenson boys are just tall and good looking. Mike is a superb fisherman who usually beats everyone on fishing trips. Below, on the right, he has a 53 pound halibut. It would look bigger if held by a normal sized human (Mike is extra tall). The second fish is a 70+ pound albacore. He likes to catch very large fish.

Tom and Mike along with Dennis and his son caught limits on three consecutive days in San Quintin last year. Here they show off albacore and yellowtail.

Tom shows other fish caught in limit quantity each day: calico bass and red rockfish. Each day they caught the limits in about two or three hours and came back early to cook them up for dinner!

This summer (2000) they will have some added fisherman (Mark, Russ and his son). Look out San Quintin!