Vagabond 2001

The Barking Spiders also had a three day trip in 2001 with high hopes. The catches were down very low with only tiny albacore to take the day before we left. The second day however, proved more than we could hope for. We caught very nice 30-70 pound bluefin ALL DAY. If you wanted a fish, you just put a bait in the water and held on. The skipper, Mike Lackey, is one of the best in the fleet. He gladly baited lines, cast out and hooked fish for anyone interested. Below is a sample of 1/3 of the catch. The average fish weighed 50 pounds and took 15-30 minutes to bring in.

Several people were on fish for over an hour. Russ Ung (in red) and another guy (in green) were on for 2 and 3 hours, respectively. We got an opportunity to talk with them as they circled the boat. Below are examples of what it looked like. Bob (in blue) is shown pinned to the bow rail by a long run.

I am shown above with Gordie, Mike Lackey's brother and the cook, on a nice bluefin.

The Spiders are committed to trips in 2002 (8 day in July on the Royal Star and 3 days in September on the Vagabond) and 2003 (8 days on the Royal Star). Next year may be the biggest Spider group to hit the Vagabond with over 12 signed up! The skipper, Mike Lackey, kind of likes us... go figure.